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Overnights-Cancellations for overnight bookings with less than a week's notice will be charged the full amount of the booking. *No Exceptions!


Cancellations for overnight bookings with a two weeks to a month notice will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. 


Cancellations for overnight bookings given a month or more notice will not be charged.


If on the occasion that we are booked and staying at your home on an overnight stay and you decide to return early, no money will be refunded. 

(accepting overnight bookings prevents us from booking another client into that spot and thus the reason for our policy)


Daily Walks- Daily dog walking clients pay for the entire month at the 1st of the month, your time slot is held for you and can not be filled at the last minute, so for this reason…

(Daily dog walking clients will be charged full price for cancellations due to weather or schedule changes on the client's side because we are unable to book someone else into that spot because it is already reserved for you)

If we arrive at your home and your dog refuses to walk in the rain, we will do our very best to get them out for a quick pp and you will still be charged for the visit because we arrived for the visit.


Seasonal Clients-If you are a seasonal client and do not pay a year-round retainer fee, your daily walking time slots are not held for you and when you return time slots are given out on a first-come/first-served basis and we will accommodate your desired time slot to the best of our ability. (If you would like to secure your daily walking time slot year round you will need to pay a retainer fee in the off-season to retain your desired time slot.) Get with Jeanine to discuss prices.


Home Visits- There will be no cancellation fee if we are given a 24 hour notice. Cancellations given a less than 24 hour notice will be charged full price.


Last Minute Add On Walks & Home Visits-less than 24 hour notice will be charged a $10 sur-charge and less than 12 hour notice will be charged a $20 sur-charge. Last minute visits need to be fit into our already busy schedule.


Timing-Please note: We do our absolute best to arrive at your home for your pets scheduled visit as close to your desired visit time as possible, but we ask that you allow a 30 minute window on either side of your desired time slot to allow for trains, bridges, traffic etc…and we also never know what we are going to encounter at the clients home before yours, such as clean-ups etc.. So please allow a few minutes on either side of your scheduled time slot for these reasons. Once again we strive to be there at the exact time, but sometimes delays happen.


 Payments-All payments are due at the time of the first scheduled visit. Daily dog walking clients pay for the whole month at the first of each month. Overnight payments are due on the day of the first visit.

 We only accept checks or cash!

Days Off-

**Due to the nature of our business it is very difficult to get a day off, so to ensure that we get time to rest and have a life of our own I block out 2 weekends per month for time off. With an extremely full roster of clients it is very difficult to let everyone know our days off or vacation etc…,I am currently working on an app that will give me better communication with my clients,I will be updating everyone as soon as I get it up and running.


Google reviews are always appreciated as well, Thank you in advance.


Thank you so much for being a valued client of Jeanine’s Pet Sitting, llc, We Appreciate You!


Jeanine, Kevin & Kody

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